Call: Collection Of Information About Solidarity Initiatives In Response To The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis 


This is a call for the collection of information about solidarity initiatives in response to the COVID-19 crisis in Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world.

This public collection has two main objectives:

  1. To gather and disseminate different collaborative efforts to map the solidarity initiatives in response to the COVID-19 crisis in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world.


  1. To contribute to these collective efforts by adding new or not-yet-gathered solidarity initiatives to existing maps, helping them to be visualized, facilitating knowledge exchange between these initiatives and, from our position as a university, contributing to their analysis and comparison with other international realities.

We are seeking information about:

  • Maps and digital networks that gather solidary initiatives in response to the coronavirus crisis in different parts of the world and at different geographic scales.
  • Specific solidarity initiatives that respond to the following general characteristics:


  • Initiatives of an altruistic nature, which do not involve any type of monetary exchange and are not motivated by profit


  • Initiatives of a collective nature, which imply a certain degree of social organization, and are therefore not a personal product


  • Initiatives that satisfy diverse collective needs (i.e. healthcare, education, housing, culture, physical activity, legal assistance, etc.)


  • Initiatives that are explicit in response to the coronavirus, either through the creation of new groups or through already existing groups undertaking new initiatives to address the consequences of COVID-19.


Examples of the kind of initiatives that we are seeking include:


  • Support networks for the elderly
  • Support networks providing child care for parents who must work during the crisis
  • Groups of teachers sharing learning resources (beyond their professional duties)
  • Initiatives to support at-risk or vulnerable social groups
  • Groups that provide free psychological or legal support
  • Any other initiative you consider relevant!

How to collaborate:

  • Disseminate this call using the following hashtag:    #solivid    #iniciativesCOVID19
  • Send us information about your solidarity initiative: Online Form.
  • Contribute to gather online resources: Resources Form.
  • Collaborate to the project sharing information and knowledge:


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